Anti-Slip Grates
To help prevent public falls and injuries, we believe that small slotted grates should also be slip resistant. Each grate complies with various user and legislative requirements, including AS 4586 for slip resistance. If gratings are located in a walking surface, they shall have spaces not more than 13mm wide and not more than 150mm long. If gratings have elongated openings, they shall be placed so that the long dimension is transverse to the dominant direction of travel. We offer a range of pedestrian grade grates that have openings of less or equal to 8mm to prevent small heels becoming trapped, causing injury or falls.



5 Star Heelsafe Anti-Slip Stainless Grates5 Star Heelsafe Anti-Slip Stainless Grates

Product construction & Features
• Manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel
• Stainless Steel grates are used for a wide range of applications both externally and internally.
• Modular format for ease of transportation and installation
• Flange and gasket connections for a secure seal
• Fixed and removable strainer option available
• Wide range of grates available up to Load Class D (AS 3996)
• WaterMark approved certificate number 23120
• Watertight tested to EN 1433
• Made in australia

Legislative requirements for grates:

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aco-5 aco-6 aco-7 aco-8
aco-9 aco-10 aco-11 aco-12
aco-13 aco-14 aco-15 aco-16
aco-17 aco-18 aco-19 aco-20