Surface mounted “scrape, clean and dry” entrance flooring system

Frontrunner SB+ is the perfect flooring solution for applications that require an entrance matting with effective drying properties but do not have a recessed matwell. It’s 6.5 mm. height, solid backing and absorbent inserts allow it to deliver this.

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Designed for internal areas, Frontrunner SB+ is solid-backed, ribbed carpet entrance matting that doesn’t need a recessed well for installation.

The mat’s etched pattern scrapes shoes clean while the carpet inserts absorb moisture, reducing the amount of dirt and liquid that’s walked into the building. Slip resistant, heel-proof and heel-proof with excellent rolling resistance, Frontrunner SB+ is the perfect solid-backed entrance matting for busy workplaces, retail buildings and shopping centres.

Installation is simple. You can adhere directly to the floor to create a surface-mounted walk-off mat, or place this loose lay matting directly over your existing floor to create a slip-resistant walkway.


Comes in 10m (33″) rolls or order a custom size


Simply roll out and cut to fit on site; contours to uneven surfaces


Light to handle; no special cleaning tools needed

Frontrunner SB+ ribbed pattern scrapes dirt off shoes, which is effectively contained by its solid back, whilst the absorbent inserts remove moisture at the entrance.

The hollow ribbed construction makes it light to handle during installation, yet sturdy enough to be heel and wheel proof.

Due to Frontrunner SB+ lesser overall weight, we recommend adhering it to the sub-floor in high volume areas.