Alumat ST-150

Alumat ST-150 is designed for suit with any building with modern design, dirt stopping capability and be able to improve the aesthetics of building. The mat come with a variety of colors shades in carpet tread and be able to change the insert material to EPDM, Vinyl, Hard Pile Carpet for outdoor work. All of Alumat ST-150 equipment manufactured from high grade quality, the rail produced from aluminium extrudes while connector rubber also strength when compared with other therefore InnoMat allow to apply in high traffic area.

Alumat ST-150 is the perfect solution for office, hotel, shop, airport and any building where is concern in dirt stopping and wouldlike to improve image for the building.

Product Data

ModelALUMAT ST-150
Type of aluminium6063-T5 aluminum alloy (ASTM B221)
Internal mat well dept15 mm.
Rolling Load250 kgs. / wheel
Surface Absorption area85%
Drying PerformanceVery high
Scraping PerformanceVery high
Carpet InsertWoven pile fabric carpet strip Heavy Duty carpet solution dyed
polypropylene, fibers mono and multi-filament yarns, 8-9 mm.
pile height with polypropylene backing.
Rubber InsertContinuous Vinyl / EPDM insert.
Rubber ConnectorContinuous Vinyl / EPDM Cushions and end filler for fine dimension adjustment.
Mat FrameAluminum Alloy 6063-T5 clear anodized finish.

Installation & Technical Details

Base Frame
Surface Mount Frame

Alumat Tread Options

Inno Viva woven pile fabric carpet strips are designed and manufactured to provide an attractive, durale and long lasting component to your entrance mat system. The feature polypropylene yarn that will give years of service under the most demanding conditions. Available in varying pile heights, widths, colors and top quality luxury carpet strips to compliment any architectural design, the closed construction ensures that all debris is captured by the mat surface for a convenient cleaning operation.