Alu Grid

Alu Grid are deep pit designs, they offer design flexibility and effectiveness in any type of high traffic entrance and be able to create the custom shape of your choice and suitable for outside building area. Mat design to be easily removed collected soil and moisture and allow dirt to drop through channel between the rails.

Alu Grid is the perfect solution for outside area, it especially suitable for high traffic area such as shopping centers, hospital and public transport terminal and be able to improve a positive image.

Product Data

ModelALU Grid
Type of aluminiumSerrated Aluminum alloy 6063-T6 Anodized
Internal mat well dept44.5 mm. / 50 mm. (Include frame)
Rolling Load250 kgs. / wheel
Surface Absorption areaNA
Drying PerformanceVery high
Scraping PerformanceVery high
Key Lock ConnectorAluminum alloy 6063-T6 Mill finish.
Mat FrameBase Frame Aluminium.

Technical Details