Inno Viva Performance Louver is developed to keep out rain but allowed light and air penetrate to building, an extensive experience in the area of louver system. It is intended to assist customer to select a louver classification to sit each specific requirement, recommendation for the selection of louver model based on area of site location.

  •  Storm Resistant Louver

        High Performance Continous Line

  1. RHP 2500
  2. RSX 701

        High Performance Mullion Line

  1. RSH 501
  2. RSH 301
  3. RSV 501

        RS Classic – Continous Line

  1. RS 1200
  2. RS 2200
  3. RS 3200
  4. RS 3300
  • Ventilation & Screen Louver
  1. RS 850Z
  2. RSV 301
  3. RS 1100
  4. RSD 401
  • Sunshade and Grill Louver
  1. Grill Louver Series (RSF)
  2. Sunshade Louver [RSC (Eco C)]

BSRIA Testing

   BSRIA has the only independent testing facility in Europe, and is one of two in the world, to test weather louvers against EN13030v. The test at BSRIA is based on a method that realistically simulates the actual operating conditions that a louver will undergo when installed.

   This is achieved using rain, ventilation and simulated wind speed.